Find Your Story with Therapeutic Writing

A six week, online course with Jennifer Westrom, LPC

I am now offering the original, six week format of the Find Your Story with Therapeutic Writing Course online.

Course pricing: $899 for six week course. (Scroll to bottom for registration link.)

Limited to Six (6) Women

Note: You can always do the independent, self-paced course for $99!

“As older women, it is helpful to share the challenges of aging, how we now choose to define ourselves, dealing with loss and joy, and what we want to leave as our writing legacy. I highly recommend this experience”

“I enjoyed meeting and spending time with a collective heart of women from varied backgrounds that deeply understand we each have the right to tell our story.”

“Jennifer’s preparation and concern for each attending participant was professional and insightful. You will not be disappointed.”

Over the course of six weeks you will:

  • Find the life story you are ready to tell
  • Feel your way through blocks in your writing
  • Organize confusing life events into a traditional plot structure
  • Discover the secret of getting a first draft written
  • Start writing your first draft!
  • Leave with a detailed plan so you know what to do each day after you leave.
  • Connect with your tribe of life writing older women!

We meet on Zoom

Course Details

Course starts: Spring 2024 Dates TBA
Course ends: Spring 2024 Dates TBA

  • You receive 4-5 writing exercises through the online course platform each week. Each exercise should take you less than 15 minutes to complete
  • Our group meets on Zoom every Tuesday @ 12:00-12:45 Central Standard Time. 
  • Please note: We have 7 group meetings over the 6 week course

Course Overview

    • Week One: Introduction, Lifeline exercise; Exploring your Self therapeutic writing.
    • Week Two: Development exercise; significant people, forgiveness, inner critic therapeutic writing
    • Week Three: Genogram exercise; Big moments, remembering, spirituality and worldview therapeutic writing
    • Week Four: Choosing your story; writing about writing, fear and story
    • Week Five: Protagonist development and story structure decisions
    • Week Six: Writing; getting to your first draft

PLEASE READ: Is this course a good fit for you?

Why do you want to write your story? Some attendees write with the goal of publication, others write for children or grandchildren, while many use the course to process private stories that they never intend to share. All of these goals are welcome and a good fit for this course.

Are you a beginner? This course is designed for new writers. It is not an advanced course suitable for writers who are working on an existing draft. If you feel stuck with trying to write your life story, this course is a good fit for you.

Are you willing to explore your feelings? The premise of this course is that when we truly feel our way through our story, we are better storytellers. You will be asked to explore your life story (privately, in your own writing) deeply. If this doesn’t appeal to you then this course is not a good fit.

Are you punctual and a good group member? Jennifer is an expert group facilitator, but that means our groups start and end on time, so there is not a person admitting registrants who show up late. Please arrive at least 5 minutes early to work through technical difficulties. Jennifer will facilitate the group such that each person has an opportunity to share (if you wish to do so). We will go over the guidelines (you can preview them here) for cultivating a good group in our first meeting and Jennifer will ensure that we adhere to the guidelines. 

Are you seeking feedback on your writing? We do not share our writing with each other in this course. If you are looking for a place to read your writing or receive feedback, this course is not a good fit.

Are you giving this course as a gift? Please confirm the recipient’s desire to participate in this course before gifting it to them.

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