I run a variety of women’s groups. Please review my group guidelines as they apply to all of my groups. Thank you!

Women’s Group Guidelines

The purpose of this guideline is to create a group culture that feels safe and useful for all participants. By participating in the group, you agree to help co-create a safe and useful group by adhering to the following guidelines:

What is said in group, stays in group. Don’t discuss what others share outside of group.

Share your own experiences and feelings. Statements like “I feel…” or “I remember when I…” work well.

Do not problem solve, offer advice, or ask questions to others. Questions or statements like, “Have you ever thought about…?” Or, “Maybe you should…” to other group members are not appropriate for group.

Remember to do the processing exercises. This group is for women who want to share these experiences, so please read/review them so we have a common point of discussion.

Be mindful of privacy. As we are working online, we are all responsible for cultivating a private space. Please make sure people are not walking behind you, talking to you, etc. 

The group can hold our differences. We can let other group members hold important views that are different from our own. We do not share in an effort to persuade or convince others.

The group can hold our hard feelings. If a member feels sad, hopeless, angry or depressed, we do not try to rescue her or change how she feels. We can be with these hard feelings.

Be mindful of how much or little you are sharing. I am a very good facilitator to balance this, but it helps if you are able to be thoughtful about sharing more or less depending on how much you have already shared. 

Please sign in five minutes early. I let everyone in early (to work through technical difficulties, etc.) Once group starts I am not watching the waiting room to admit participants. If you are late, you will miss group.

All members pay for all meetings. You are paying to hold your place in the group, not for each week’s participation. (Please contact me privately if you end up in a financial jam; I can work with you privately.)

Provide feedback to Jennifer if something is not working for you in group. My job is to make this group work for you!

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