Find Your Story

The Life Writing Conference for Older Women
Dallas, Texas
September 14-15, 2020

Note: If you are a current or former counseling client interested in attending, please discuss your goals for attendance with Jennifer prior to registering.

What attendees have to say about the Find Your Story Conference:

This is a wonderful journey and process we are all going through, initiated by you, and going through it together brings joy, connectedness and healing.

I really enjoyed meeting and spending time with a collective heart of women from varied backgrounds that deeply understand we each have the right to tell our story.

This retreat was such a blessing to my spirit and the perfect motivator I needed to bring focus into my writing. 

You did an amazing job and I am thrilled to have been a part of this dream come true. I think it will be great to keep up with the tribe and see where we have landed with our writing when we reconvene!

You are lovely and your heart-mission is much appreciated.

 The group felt very safe, warm and supportive.

This retreat provided the community, the confidence and the curriculum that has empowered me to move forward with my “messy” masterpiece. 

I have a clear path for this project and an accountability group, both of which are critical in my journey toward completion! Bravo Jennifer! I can’t wait to return next year to the simplicity and substance of this Santa Fe Retreat!

Jennifer’s preparation and concern for each attending participant was professional and insightful. You will not be disappointed … nor discouraged! The inspiration to become the writer you are to be is a very integral part of this workshop.

Find Your Story Retreat in Santa Fe was a healing journey for me, and reaffirmed the power of the “tribe” of women to share this journey, facilitated by a compassionate and creative workshop leader, and therapist, Jennifer Westrom, a gifted communicator. 

As older women, it is helpful to share the challenges of aging, how we now choose to define ourselves, dealing with loss and joy, and what was want to leave as our writing legacy. I highly recommend this experience

Profits from these events pay for long term, individual trauma counseling for women trying to exit work in the sex industry. 

Thank you — Jennifer

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